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You already know renting - Your Landlord buys a house, rents it to you, you pay off his house by making his mortgage payments with your RENT.
That's ODD, you say, If I'm paying off his house, why can't I OWN a house myself and pay it off in about 10 years, NO RENT FOR LIFE!

If you rent a NICE house in a DESIRABLE and SAFE LOCATION of town with BEST SCHOOLS, and great COMMUNITY RESOURCES, You will likely
pay $1400 to $1700 in rent per month in DFW. That's $20,000 a year. With rent increases, $225,000 wasted in 10 years. That is INSANE, by
defination that means doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results. Whether you been renting for 10 or 30 years,
What you got to show for all that hard earned money you paid - NOTHING! IF Owner want the house back, you're out of there with a 30 day notice.
What's sad is, people do it again and again, every year. You can STOP this insanity, there is a better way, JUST OWN IT. I can help you with that.

SURE YOU CAN - 70% people understand that, they did what they had to in order to SAVE for Down payment, now own their homes, You can too?

MY ONLY REQEUST - Please read the website before you call me. If you don't you will call and say, "I was calling for more information on the house
or how does this work, this and that, and I'll say, did you read my website? So Please Read, I promise you, you will know a lot more in 10 minutes.

You should be glad you found us, becuase although most other people on craigslist also advertise "owner finance, no credit needed, bad credit ok,
NO Qualifying etc., We are the only one offering properties OWNED FREE AND CLEAR of any bank loans or liens. Why is that important to you?
Because how would you feel if someone sold you property they didn't own, and if it had any kind of bank loan attached to it in someone's name, thus
you will never own that property, regardless of what seller told you. BUYER BEWARE, dont' become a statistic, READ, Educate yourself, then decide

Most common question I get is, "Can I buy a house, if I haven't saved for a large down payment." The answer is YES, you can. As long as you have
good income and you are willing to set aside little extra for down payment each month on top of Monthly payment (PITI), you can OWN your home.
If you don't know what PITI is, I recommend you to read the section below, called, "HOW TO BUY A HOUSE."

Congratulations, You've taken first step in buying a home and that is to start looking with AN OPEN MIND. If you have previously tried, but
haven't been able to own, due to any of reasons; no credit, bad credit, no social security number, itin, legal status, foreigner, have religious
value that forbid paying interest, self employed, not filling or not declaring enough income on income taxes returns, evictions, foreclosure
bankruptcy, divorce, alimony, section 8, get welfare, my X did it to me story, you are a dancer, 420, make cash income, don't like banks,
Whatever the reason, there are alternative ways you can still make your dream come true. What it takes is someone special, who knows the
system and can help you navigate it carefully so you don't run into walls, that's it. That is Me, kind of like your GPS in the financial world.

Not just that, while you are renting you are missing out on the SECRET why smart people OWN; Home makes money for you. Consider this: Had you
purchased average DFW home in 2011 for lets say $100,000, by now in 2014 it is already worth $45,000 more than what you paid for it, Yes that
means people willing to pay you $45,000 CASH in net PROFIT on the house you purchased with as little as $5000 in down payment. And that is
the beauty of Real Estate, you don't even have to have $100,000 to buy a house, all you need is few thousand dollars, for a down payment, in order
to control something worth $100,000; Answer this:

Do you want to continue to pay rent, which means you will give someone $15 - $20 thousand per year, ALL LOST, you get nothing for it, OR
Would you rather pay about the same to OWN A HOUSE. Lets assume you paid $17,000 in house payments(PITI), but because the house went up
in value by (15% x $160,000) = $24,000 in 1 year, it gave you back every penny of $17,000 you paid, to own it, plus $6,600 in pure profit?

Why should anyone want to own a house? - Your house makes money 24 hours a day, even while you sleep. Its like having a money plant.
- One Life to Live, Give your family the best they can experience in life TODAY, Stop Analyzing, YOU WILL DIE ONE DAY, better start LIVING NOW.
- LIVE a superior quality of life, instead of being stuck in a cheap apartment where you don't know who you share building with! & their influences?
- 70% of the people own their homes, and it takes a responsible kind of family to own one, you'll be in company of much better people than before.
- Best place to Invest - Your house is safest and best place to invest your savings. What else pays 15% a year on your savings?
- Owning desciplines you to save for down payment etc - Do you 100% trust, social security will be around, may be, but your paid off house will be
- Your home functions as a nest egg that keeps growing. Instead of rent, just pay your house payment, and in about 10 years, you can have it paid off
- Your house makes money while you sleep. Homes have gone up 15% per year in last 2 year, what's 15% of $160,000 house = $24,000 every year.
- People that OWN have much higher net worth than ones that don't. Remember home equity and home working for your while you sleep!
- Inflation Protection - With all the debt, we are going to have lots of inflation, means while currency becomes worth less, house price goes up
- Hard to loose money in equity of home. Easy to loose when its in cash - Desires, kids, sales papers, relatives always have their hand out
- When You OWN, you take Pride, and you show it through your creativity, landscape, colors, millon things you can do with something you OWN
- Waiting is COSTING you at least $30,000 a year. House prices are going up and so are interest rates. Read my articles on waiting below.
- Mortgages are cheap around 4.25%, but slowly moving up and on their way to their average 8% over last 100 years, get one now
- Houses are still 30% cheaper than where they were at the peak, meaning you can find good deals, Not when they reach their peak again
- Privacy, you enjoy a lot of freedom in how you want to live your life, a lot more privacy, and when you OWN neighbors look out for each other.
- Save on Taxes - Many benefits can only be had when you own your own house, like write off your house payment, property taxes and insurance.
- Deductions - Want to write off your SUV, your Electric, Phone, Grociries, Vacation Bills, many other things - Starts with OWNING a house first.
- Capital Gain EXCLUSION - When your house makes money by going up in price, and you have profit at time of sale, you pay no income taxes.
- Access to Cheap Money - Get home equity line of credit, do a million things with it, have much lower payment, and write off all the interest
- HELPS to ground you when you own it, you and your kids make friends with neighbors, garden, cook, you do things together, feel like family
- Your Credit gets better, Home is the biggest thing you will ever buy, so it has a large positive impact on your credit
- I can keep going but either take my word for it, think 70% of all people, educated or not, own them, must be something good about it, right!

KNOW ANYONE who need help? Behind on house payment, Taxes, Emergencies, Need Cash, We can Help them, call us for a confidential meeting.

How to Buy a House? The process is simple, but its important you become familiar with the vocabulary used when discussing purchase of a home.
Once you understand it, and know what is involved, give me a call, I'll answer all your questions, and if you are ready, you can move in immediatly.
Owning is bit different from renting, as you are responsible for various things, HOUSE payment is made of four components: (P + I + T + I )
To Buy, buyer gets a loan from a bank or the seller. (don't worry at this time about how you are going to get a loan, I can help you with that)
This is also known as financing or how you will pay for the purchase. That loan to buy house is also known as mortgage, and it is paid back
by making monthly mortgage payments that include Principal + Interest. Each time you make a payment, Interest portion is applied and earned
by the Lender for giving you the loan, the Principal portion is applied to the outstanding Principal or loan balance and it reduces your loan amount
each month, eventually it goes down to $0, which is when we say the house is paid off. This is the payment you remember from my ad, the
mortgage payment, used to pay off your mortgage or home loan that the seller may have given you to finance your purchase of the home.
The part most people who come from renting aren't familiar with is Property Taxes and Insurance. Anytime one owns a property, the county in which
the property is located will send you a property tax bill, for money they use to support various institutions, that vary, for tarrant county they are:
The City - City of Arlington, The county - Tarrant County, Tarrant Regional Water District, JPS Health Network,Tarrant County College, The schools
Arlington Independent School District ISD, your favorite Police Department, and so on. Yes, the property owners foot the bill for all of them.
Moving on, anytime you you have a loan from someone, the collateral, which in this case is the house, needs to be insured, and the Buyer which is
you pays for the insurance. Thus a total house payment includes = P I T I (Principal + Interest + Taxes + Insurance).

So the first qualification to buy - Can you afford the monthly PITI? Second qualification is Down payment, which is your equity, your skin in game,
or your share in the house. I perfer 20% of purchase price as down payment in order to offer financing for rest of the 80%.
Relax, if you don't have 20% down payment, you may still own a house, provided you make good income, and you are willing to start
saving the down payment each month while you live in your new home.
In other words, I may give you time to save up the down payment.
In order to save, something's got to give, and if you are an intelligent person and understand what that means, and are willing to commit to doing
something about giving yourself and your family a better life by owning your home, I'll work with you so can get to your destiny, saving in installments.

Provided you have read up to this point and understand what is involved, You may phone and Start with something like, " Hi, I can afford the total PITI
payment on the house each month and I have $x,xxx this much for down payment, can I own this house. If you need me to work with you on
down payment, then also tell me how your plan to make up rest of your down payment as well. If I choose to accept it, you can move in right away,
and I'll allow you to save the rest of the down payment over time in installments while you are on a LEASE TO OWN. With this option, you can start
enjoying benefits an owner enjoys, and you can MOVE IN right away, instead of waiting to save up all the money for down payment and closing cost
before you can OWN A HOUSE. Here we go with homes that are available for you to own NOW - take your pick.

3/2/2 in Arlington / off Hwy 360 & 20 near Mayfield

3 Bedrooms
2 Full Bath
2 car Garage
Spacious Layout
Flooring is Carpet & Tile
Front Yard
Fenced Backyard - Huge
Covered Front Porch
Large Patio in Back
Good Size Kitchen
Dinning Area
Large Living Area
Master Bedroom features attached Bathroom, and walk in closet
Laundry Room with lot of storage, shelves for pantry and more stuff
Park & School Grounds Near house for Morning & Evening Strolls
15 minutes to everything - fort worth dallas dfw airport irving hurst euless bedford north richland hills soutlake grapevine NE & The Parks Mall
Schools: Arlington ISD: E: Atherton J: Workman H: Houston
2116 River Bend Road, Arlington, Texas 76014 < - - - click ADDRESS to see house on google map
Monthly mortgage payment on owner finance is $1118 including Principal+Interest. Buyer also pays Property tax and Insurance, appox. $332/mo.
*** Property Taxes amount is reduced substantially, once you claim Homestead exemption.

 photo 001.jpg

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VIDEO TOUR: Coming Soon


4/2 5/2 in Arlington / off Hwy 20 & green oaks & Little Rd

4 Bedrooms
2 Full Bathrooms
1 Half Bathroom
2 car Garage
Very Spacious Layout
3 Different Large Living Areas
Vaulted Ceilings
Flooring is Carpet & Ceramic Tile
Front Yard
Fenced Backyard - Huge
Covered Front Porch
Large Patio in Back
Good Size Kitchen
Dinning Area
Master Bedroom features attached Bathroom, and walk in closet
Laundry Room with lot of storage, shelves for pantry and more stuff
15 minutes to everything - fort worth dfw airport irving hurst euless bedford north richland hills soutlake grapevine Northeast & The Parks Mall, Cowboys
Schools: Arlington ISD: E: Miller J: Young H: Martin
4709 Woodfield Drive, Arlington, Texas 76016 < - - - click ADDRESS to see house on google map
Monthly mortgage payment on owner finance is $1223 including Principal+Interest. Buyer also pays Property tax and Insurance, appox. $375/mo.
*** Property Taxes amount is reduced substantially, once you claim Homestead exemption.

 photo 001.jpg

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NEW 4/25/2 in SW Fort Worth - Hwy 20 & crowley rd

Available Mid August, 2014
4 Bedrooms + 2 Additional Rooms if you have Large Family
2 Full Bath
1 Half Bath
2 car Garage
Huge Living Room
Vaulted Ceilings
Two additional Large Rooms down stairs - can be used as office, Den, Formal Dinning or additional Bedrooms
Flooring is Tile & Carpet
Front Yard
Fenced Backyard
Covered Front Porch
Large Patio
Good Size Kitchen with Island and Huge Pantry
Dinning Area, Dry Bar
Master Bedroom features attached Bathroom, and whole extra room for walk in closet
Laundry Room with lot of storage, shelves for pantry and more stuff
Schools: Crowley ISD: E: Meadow Creek, I: Mary Harris, M: Crowley, H: North Crowley
2600 Galemeadow Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76123 < - - - click ADDRESS to see house on google map
Monthly mortgage payment on owner finance is $1258 including Principal+Interest. Buyer also pays Property tax and Insurance, appox. $390/mo
*** Property Taxes amount is reduced substantially, once you claim Homestead exemption.

 photo GaleMeadow1.jpg

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Cozy 4/2 in mid cities HEB NE FTW - Hwy 820 & Rufe Snow

Cozy 4/2 Home in NE Fort Worth, Mid Cities HEB Area @ Hwy 820 & Rufe Snow Rd, Birdville ISD - Available August 1, 2014
4 Bedrooms
2 Full Bath
Huge Living Room with Space for Office
Flooring is Tile throughout the home
Front Yard
Fenced Backyard
Large Patio
Dinning Area, Dry Bar
Master Bedroom features attached Bathroom
Laundry Room with storage, shelves for pantry and more stuff
Schools: Birdville ISD: E: Hardeman, M: Watauga, H: Haltom
Address: NOT GIVEN - Property currently occupied, do not disturb occupants, will give address as soon as its vacant, Near Rufe snow & mid cities Rd
Monthly mortgage payment on owner finance is $1048 including Principal+Interest. Buyer also pays Property tax and Insurance, appox. $350/mo
*** Property Taxes amount is reduced substantially, once you claim Homestead exemption.

 photo 001.jpg

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We can definately help, Behind on house payment, Taxes, Emergencies, Need Cash, We can Help you, call us for a confidential meeting.
We offer TRUE FINANCING, saving you $10-15K charged by banks as CLOSING COST (see bottom of this page to see what banks charge)
We offer HOMES WITHOUT BANK LOANS, NOT competition's TAKE OVER SOMEONE ELSE'S MORTGAGE PAYMENT deal - don't do it, you'll loose
We offer TOTALLY RENOVATED & UPDATED HOMES without problems, so you won't get stuck with large unexpected bills
We offer HOME WARRANTY that cover everything in your house. Anything break or stops working, you make one phone call, and its fixed
We offer BUYING YOUR OLD HOUSE, so you can upgrade to a bigger, better, upgraded, Newer house with layout of your choice.
We offer REFERRAL FEE if you send us someone who buys a house from us, its the biggest complement you can give us
We offer FIXER UPPERS if you know how to Rehab homes. Sometimes, We can offer homes you can fix yourself if we haven't started work on it.
We offer ITIN LOANS - We offer long term solution for people with no credit and only an ITIN Number - WE DO ITIN LOANS
We offer Lease 2 OWN, If you can come up with enough of down payment, you can pay the rest while you live there little by little
We offer ESCROW so you can save for down payment starting with any amount, When you have saved the Down Payment, You can Own a house
We offer EQUITY LOANS - For those tough times that we all can't plan for, You can borrow money back from the equity you have built in the house
We offer CREDIT REPAIR - Regardless of how it got there, We can help build it back up, Its easy, credit score is nothing but a mathimatical equation
We Offer 100% SAFE INVESTMENTS paying 5% Annual Interest Rate, zero risk, 100% secured by a houses we own outright, and cash flowing
We Offer INVESTMENT in Real Estate with as little as 10-20% down, We Will loan you rest. We'll buy it, fix it, rent or sell it, you keep the profits.
We offer PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, including List property for rent, file eviction, attend hearing, writ of possession, Move tenants out, whole 9 yards
We offer LISTING & BUYING property through our Full Real Estate Brokerage, everything real estate agents do, we just do it way better
We offer NEW HOME LOANS & REFINANCE LOANS even for people with ITIN Number & No CREDIT through our Full Service Loan Brokerage
We offer LOAN YOU DOWN PAYMENT, Got excellent credit? make good money, but just don't have the down payment, We can help you buy a house
We can keep going, but in a nutshell, We are friends you wish you had, so let us help you get started with whatever you decide

Questions and Answers + Uncommon Wisdom

I already own a house! Will you buy my house, even if its not in a sellable condition? YES

I know someone who wants to sell their house for cash or walk away from their house or facing foreclosure, Can you buy their house? YES

I don't have Down Payment, can I buy? YES > Open Escrow with me, Save $192/week, you'll save $10,000 in a year for DP, then you move in.

I make cash money, I'm a Dancer, I don't declare my income, whatever the case may be, can I buy a home from you> YES

What is the interest rate on your loan: 9.95% Annually. In some cases, I may charge more or less, depinding on any number of factors

What is the minimum I need to get into one of your homes? I prefer $8,000, but feel free to call and tell me your story, I may make exceptions.

What is a down payment? To purchase a home, most people get a loan, unless you have all cash. Down payment is the portion of purchase price
the lender requires you to come up with, because Lender isn't interested in lending 100% to minimize the risk of default. If Loan is 80% DP is 20%

Where does my down payment go? It goes to Seller to pay down your house, if you buy for $100,000 and pay $20,000 DP, your Loan is $80,000

Can I buy without A Large Down Payment? You Can with Lease then purchase. Unless you have skin in the game, your risk of default is very high.

Does my Loan balance go down each Month? YES > Every time you make a payment, the Principal Loan Balance of your loan goes down.

Can I own a house, If I receive Government Aid or Section 8? > YES, I don't care where you get the money, you certainly can own a house. And we help
you structure it so that you will continue to qualify for section 8, and will not loose your benefits.

Why don't you list price of each house? To keep dumb asses from using it as an excuse not to buy. READ my article about price of house below.

What is Mortgage Payment? Its Principal + Interest you pay each month to payoff your loan. Doesn't include property taxes and Insurance

What is PITI or House Payment? PITI = Principal + Interest + Taxes + Insurance, aka Total House payment includes property taxes and Insurance.

I'm prequalified with a bank, why should I go the owner finance route > To save yourself $15,000 in closing cost. If you buy your house with owner
finance and then turn around and refinance it, the bank pays the closing cost not you, thus you save yourself lots of money. Besides, prequalified
doesn't mean anything. It simply means, that the bank will give you a loan based on the fact that you have a job, and make so much money provided,
you have proof of funds for your down payment and all the closing cost they are going to charge you to approve your loan, AND you first pay
about $3000 (for credit report, appraisal, home inspection, roof inspection, foundation inspection, termite inspection, survey etc.) ONLY THEN
a human being in the back office will look at your file and if everything checks out, they will proceed with approving your loan, but will it fund or not,
depends on if you will show up for closing, after coming up with all the money they require for closing cost.

Can I refinance and get a lower rate thus reduce my payment? Yes, you can do that anytime

Why does it take 30 years to pay off a home mortgage? Because people generally pay the minimum amount needed to get by

Can I payoff the house sooner? Yes > With my program, you can finish paying it off in 10 years (The key is to pay down Principal) This is how?
You start off with our loan, then we can help you get your credit and other issues fixed, and then we can help you refinance existing mortgage at much
lower market interest rate, usually less than half of what you pay on our loan, thus reducing your payment. At that time, If you keep paying what you
were paying us, you will end up paying off large sum of principal balance early, thus reducing the time to pay off loan in 10 years instead of 30.

Is there any Closing Cost at time of closing: Yes
$1200 Document preparation and processing Fee,
$56 Recording fee,
2% Loan Origination Fee paid to Licensed Residential Mortgage Loan Originator,
1 year of prepaid home insurance
1 year of prepaid home warranty
3 months of prepaid property taxes and Insurance amount is placed into Escrow account maintained by lender
Title Policy - cost is based on loan amount - all title companies charge the same by state law

Can I pay off my loan anytime? Yes, there is no pre payment penalty, you can payoff your loan as fast as you want.

Can I pay off my Loan balance by paying extra whenever I have money? YES, it immediately starts saving you money that you were paying in interest

Can I borrow money against the equity in the house? Yes, if you have emergency or need money for whatever, you can borrow against your equity.

What happens if something stops working, do I have to pay? NO > I require you buy Home Warranty, They will fix it or replace it.

Can I reduce my Property Taxes? Yes, I require you to file Homestead Exemption after you buy. It lowers your property taxes substantially

Do you pay commission to real estate Agents - YES, but it comes out of buyer's pocket. Real estate agent has to clearly disclose to their client
what they will be getting paid, and add that amount on top of your down payment.

Do I get any other breaks? Yes > If you are over 65, disable, Veteran, etc, you may pay even lower taxes or no taxes

What is the trend in Real estate prices as of March 2014? Uptrending fast, Train has left the station, Hop On, Ride it, its best time to buy now.


The hottest dallas housing market ever - boom!

- July 2013 - it also reads, "Supply will stay Low while demand remains high, Boom! Supply is at 2.8 months, compared to 6.7 months at market peak.

Home Prices in U.S. Increased by Most Since 2006 in May

- July 30, 2013 - it also reads, "Property values in Dallas reached records in May, the first time any city had surpassed its pre recession peak"

Home sales rise to HIGHEST in 6 1/2 years

- September 19, 2013

TEN Countries racing to buy american homes

- April 11, 2014

DFW new Home Prices soaring - up 24%

- July 12, 2014 - it also reads, "We are expecting a 10 percent to 15 percent in starts in during 2014."



Before we get started, give yourself a pat on the back that you found us. Because otherwise, what happens with most people is they get stuck with
homes that are on their way to foreclosure, offered to them by people trying to cheat them. Those homes always have pre-exiting bank loans
attached to them, and liens, and in that situation, regardless of what seller said, you will never own that house, aside from hassle one goes through
and loosing your hard earned money, and embarrassment of meeting and dealing with people that only had their own best interest in mind.
On the other hand, we're local, OUR HOMES ARE OWNED FREE AND CLEAR, 100% paid off, no bank loans, you are 100% safe in dealing with us.

I try to make it easy; I've taken cars, motorcycles, Boats, you name it, If I can get cash for it, you may be able to use it towards the down payment.
You ask, what is the minimum I need to get into one of these homes. I like to say $8,000 but if you make strong income, I may be bit flexible.
You ask, how much extra do I have to pay on top of monthly house payment if I'm short on down payment? You are competing with others who may
also want the same house, so make your offer stand out by making the best offer. Remember, you are investing in your own house, and its by far the
best way to invest your savings. As a general rule, I try to avoid dealing with people who are always looking for minimum amount to pay to get by,
because sooner or later they are much more likely to default.

Let me lay it out there, if you don't have money, it means you haven't saved it. Saving requires planning, and thinking long term.
Buying a house is thinking long term, which means something has got to give in order for you to save. I help you do just that.
With what I offer, You are saving while you live in your new home and we can help fix your broken credit as soon as you settle down, thus there is no
need to wait till you fix up your credit or save up enough etc etc. As long as you are a man or for that matter Woman of you word, committed, make
good money, I can pretty much offer you any terms, any payment amount you want, just about anything as long as its WIN WIN for both of us.

Owing your home is part of our American Dream, the good life, 70% of Americans that own their homes, have made it, 20% never will, you are the 10%,
that want to do it, may have learned from your mistakes, now ready to commit, but system has shut you out for its own convenience. Just think, Why'd the
system encourage you to own your home or fix your credit, when they can charge you 34% interest on your credit card, 18% on your car, and so on,
you are now just a slave, you make money, but it all goes right back into the system. You want to Change that? Then start by reading this page to end.

Don't tell me you don't already know this! The way our capitalist system is setup, unless you are smart, it sets you up for failure. They give you a
Kohl's card or some, and you are like, I didn't even deserve it, and these dumb asses handed me free money, and you buy stuff you don't need, and
don't pay. Guess what, you sold your soul for $500, because now for years, you will pay thousands more for car payment, insurance, this and that.
If you don't learn, then you will be shut out of opportunities that make life easy and worth living. They will bury you under all the bull shit rules,
and tell you you don't qualify for home loan. Strange, You qualify to pay someone else's mortgage, just not your own? Its a catch 22. Best thing you can
do is learn to use the system right, and you'll love it. I know, because I came here from another place, and more over, I've travelled the world, and
belive me, as shitty as it may seem sometimes, its still the best system there is, and I can help you get pass your hurdles, and help you own a house.
You may have lots of questions, so continue reading, 99% of your questions are answered on this page.

Because I'm the only one in DFW that offers TRUE Financing compared to all those that take your down payment money and disappear after
putting you in a house, they didn't even own, and of course you won't either. Here is Why? But before I explain that to you, Lets backup a little
so I can shed some light on real estate business. I'm sure you understand, it takes MONEY, TO MAKE MONEY. So if a normal person wants to
get started in real estate, first thing they do is to get hold of the money it takes to get into the this business either by earning it, saving it, borrowing
it or some how have access to money. Then they will study the market, work hard and if they are good at it, they will locate a house that is
undervalued; that means its selling or it can be purchased for much less than what the other similar kind and size houses around are selling for.
In order to land a good deal, most times you have to have Cash available to pay on demand. So lets say you just paid $125,000 in cash for this house.
Almost always this type of home is not been maintained, which means you will have to sink more money to bring it to current standard, lets say another
$25,000. Then you'll sell it through normal channel which is by listing it through a real estate agent, and before you know it, that process will cost you
10% of the sales price. So if you sold it for $200,000, you will only get $180,000 after paying the cost of selling, then you have to subtract $125K you
paid for it, and $25K repairs, and other costs such as cost of borrowing etc, and believe me its not cheap, the interest rates for that start out at 16%.
So you see, if you did everything right, and most efficiently, may be you will walk away with $20K in profit, after investing your blood and sweat. One
may choose to save some money, and sell it direct, by offering to finance it. If you are a person, who owns a property FREE AND CLEAR,
you can sell and offer TRUE OWNER FINANCING, because you don't owe any money on it. You take certain amount as down payment, give the buyer
loan for the rest, and they pay it off over time.

BUT for every one of these normal people, there are 100 con men, who try to make this money by taking shortcuts. That is where the seminars
come in, that promise you'll GET RICH QUICK, how? By screwing others, that is YOU. And they are happening around town all the time. So this is
how con men (wait they like to call themselves Investors), get started. Basically they are taught that they don't need any money to make money,
because they can USE OTHER PEOPLE's MONEY to make money also known as OPM. They have classes on how to study you and take you for
a succer, and to tell you anything you want to hear, as long as you buy it. They master the technique to lie right to your face, without any shame
or other emotion and look professional while they are screwing you. Now understand the reason they go to GET RICH QUICK seminars is becuase
they have no money, most of them charge the GURU fees to their credit card. So basically these investors advertise deals and say things like,
We offer owner finance, Buy a house without the bank, you don't need credit, we put deed into your name, etc., NOW THINK > Just because someone
says they will offer owner finance doesn't mean they own it, or if they say, I'll put deed in your name, it doesn't mean shit. NOW THINK AGAIN> How
can anyone deed you a property, if it doesn't even belong to them. That's right. None of these people, own anything, as a matter of fact, most of
them are broke, so if you get screwed by one, good luck collecting. How it works is, Regular working folks like you buy a house by taking out a
loan from a bank, and the bank puts a lien on the house until the Loan is paid off. Somewhere along the way, you stop paying on that home loan,
due to death, divorce, dope, dumb, sickness, whatever, almost anything can land you there. Once you are late on making payment, bank sends
you a letter, (pre foreclosure process) telling you they are going to take the house back through foreclosure unless you pay up. Also there are
many people, who knowingly borrowed way more than what the house was worth, when bu$h had authorized 100% no doc no fees loans under
that $787 BILLION DOLLAR LOOT AMERICA BILL, passed by congress. So these people are not able to get out from under the house, unless they
have money to make up the difference between what they owe, and what they will get from a buyer if they sell. Many of these homes require lots of
work, just think, if they weren't making payments, were they spending money on maintaining the property, NO. Many of these people when they get
the notice from bank about a foreclosure, they move out, and the house is left vacant. All this information is public and can be found very easily.
This is where the investor gets hold of this information that you are at risk of loosing your home, and starts to exploit you. They will ask you sign off
the house over to them and they will catch up your debt, just a lie, and that they will take over your payments, another lie, and so on, and this way
your credit will not suffer from a foreclosure, just wait and see. It doesn't matter how these con men take over the house, just know, it still has an
outstanding unpaid loan, thus there is still a lien against the house by a bank that made the loan to original buyer, who use to live there.
Banks do not allow people to transfer mortgage, so a home owner can't just sign over his or her house to other person, with the existing loan still
attached to it, otherwise, banks will be out of business. In most cases, when a house is empty, most of these investors are trained to not even
bother finding or checking with the original owner, they just fabricate the paperwork to take over the house. OH YES this happens all the time.
It is also a lie when these con men tell you that as long as you keep making payments (in the name of other guys loan, or on a new loan they call
wraparound loan which means a new loan between you and investor stacked on top of the existing loan) bank won't take the house back.
Wrong Again. First of all assignment of loan is illigal, so clean up title of the house which is bank's collatoral, they must foreclose and wipe all claims.
Besides, The reason the last owner whose name the house is in legal records, no longer lives there, is becuase he was probably
on a Teaser rate, with an adjustable, which in mortgage business means, a rate to lure a buyer in by offering him super low initial payment, which
will adjust to market rate three to five years into the loan. So this guy got a loan at 1.25% or something like that, and when it went up to 4.25%
his payment jumped 3 times, and he stopped making payments. 4.25% by no means is expensive, but that guy was never going to afford
to buy that house to start with. Anyway, my point is, the bank is not interested in collecting 1.25% or whatever old guys mortgage is, they want to
make more money and with the house values having gone up in last three years as much as they have, they would rather take the house back
and sell it for profit. Interest rates are also moving up, so the bank would rather make a new loan with that money than to help you stay in the house.
Another reason, banks must foreclose is because, after buying the house, the buyer may have taken out a loan to build a pool, buy other things,
who knows, what all he was doing, but everytime he signed somewhere to pickup stainless steal this or that, it could have resulted in one more
lien against the house, so the foreclosure is the only legal way to wipe a title clean for the bank, thus they will not ever transfer title to you and
they must foreclose on the house in order to make it marketable title again. Not only that, every payment you ever send in on other guys name went
to credit his account, you don't exist as far as bank is concerned. So regardless of what these con men tell you, it won't end pretty. So no matter
what paperwork you got, its worthless. Bank may not have yet foreclosed on the property, and that creates a small window of time for these investors
to look for a buyer, so they find you, get you to pay them whatever you can and let you move into someone else's house. There are many many
things you don't know when you move in. Fast Forward, The only notice you may ever see is a RED one from sherrif's office, 24 hrs prior to them
coming over next day to forcefully move all your belonging to the curbside and empty the house for the bank. I hope that answers why you want to
deal with me over all these other so called sellers on craigslist.

Let me just say, there are lots of ways NOT TO BUY A HOUSE also. Those that don't want to buy a house, may initially promise the girl friend
the world, I want to do this for you and that, but when it comes down to it, they will pickup some bull shit reason why they won't follow through.
It can be anything, price of the house, payment is too high, location, we don't have down payment, just about any bull shit that will fly. I've tried
to address and answer all the bullshit people think up, further down the page, read it, so you can get over your fears. Fear is not bad, but if you
use it the wrong way, which is what most do, You won't ever realize your potential. Its simple, you want to own a house, I can make it happen,
You just commit and follow through, you are done. Its that easy to acheive anything in life.

What are your Excuses? whatever they are - they are just excuses not to buy a house or commit. PRICE IS TOO HIGH. Real estate is priced
very competitivly. Besides if you have bad credit, hardly meet down payment requirement, and bank wouldn't touch you with a ten feet pole,
there is nothing wrong with paying little premium over what someone can pay if they have perfect credit, perfect job, etc. You are not that.
Just be glad that someone is willing to work with you. I go by a simple rule, you get what you pay for. Sometimes I get a call, and the person on other
end will say, the price is so high. I ask, compared to what? Things are priced based on desirability, not based on cost of materials.
Here is my own true story and everytime I tell it, people just laugh their ass off.
When I moved here from California, I contacted a realtor, and asked him if he can find me a good deals on a house I can buy, fix up
and then sell for profit. I wasn't familiar with area, so Dallas, Fort Worth, Whatever, all sounded the same. Anyway, he showed me a brick house, in an
area called oak cliff near dallas. It was cheap compared to what things cost in california, so I signed a contract, and few days later wrote a check and I
was the new proud owner. Hired a contractor, and $30,000 later, it looked like a new house, with new paint, new carpet, new windows, new kitchen
cabinets, new vanities, new toilets, new tubs, new light fixtures, new doors, and a new Air conditioning system. I listed it for sale. A week later, I got a bill
in mail from city of Dallas which I wasn't expecting because I was current on my utility bills. I phoned, and they said it was for boarding up a house.
I was shocked and I argued with the lady on the phone, and told her she must have the wrong house, because I just finished redoing the entire house.
She said, No, she did have the right address and they had to board it up because it was vandalized. I dropped the phone, right then, and drove to
the house, and I could not believe my eyes. The house was missing the front door, and not just the door, someone took the entire thing including the
frame, I imagine they must have used a sawzaw. And of course, all the windows, carpet, cabinets, Coil from AC unit, condenser, everything was gone.
Long story short, its not just the cost of materials, its everything else, Location, Schools, Nicely situated on the lot, crime, walkability,
the neighborhood character, condition, demographics, will it hold value or rise in value, taxes and fees due, etc, etc, that detremines what a house
is worth. You can take a nice house from lets say, Southlake, or a top notch area of town and move it to say, somewhere near East Lancaster Avenue
or Lake como Area, or Forest Hil, or any part of bad area in town, it will drop in value by $200,000 overnight.
This is why I don't buy houses unless they meet all the criteria above. While everything in life is negotiable, but did you know that A $10,000 price
difference will lower your prinicpal by only $16 pr month. If you find someone who is willing to help you, overlook all your past, and give you a loan,
and get you on a path of owning your own house, are you going to fuss over $16? If yes, STOP. Thank you for visiting, BYE BYE. Who's NEXT.
Answer this > if I can offer you a $145,000 house for $549 a month NET out of your pocket, example of which is illustrated in a flyer below on this
page, are u still going to fuss over price? It cost twice that amount to rent a shity apartment in bad part of town. Also, you are not paying the owner
all his money today, unlike someone who has an approved bank loan, where seller gets his money right away. Dealing with you, who knows,
It might be years before owner collects all his proceeds from the house by which time house would be worth a lot more than what you purchased it for.
But over an over again, I find people, especially who have immigrated here from poor countries, call me, they ask the price, then hang up. It is not a
healty way to think. Those concentrated on price, use the price of the house theory to keep telling themselves why they haven't bought a house yet.
Before I point a finger, let me admit, I was one of those people. Back in 80's I lived in California, had money to buy a house, but I told myself the price is
too high, I'll wait till prices come down a bit, but they didn't. At the same time, I was helping others buy homes as a real estate agent, while I kept my
family in an apartment, thinking I was making smart decision waiting for right time to buy. NOT. The very people I helped buy a house for $200,000
had me sell the same house within 10 years for $650,000, moved to Texas, and bought a castle here for $300,000 and a local business. That was
embarrasing. That's when it hit me, and I had to admit I was missing the big picture, had to change the way I thought, and look at things from different
perspective and I did and as a result, we now own bunch, and we are happy I changed. What about you? What should really matter, it's house you like,
can comfortably afford the monthly payment on, located in area that is safe and in demand and you want to live in, you like the layout, and that it
doesn't have problems. I don't discourage negotiating, but its a two way road, both parties must feel WIN WIN.

Should we wait and save for couple of years, fix our credit, and then buy a house? NO - There are so many reasons to buy now.
Economy is on a rebound, that means everything is going up, especially Houses. If you don't buy it will be poor financial planning, let me prove it.
I say find a way to Own it, if you can't afford it by yourself get a roommate, whatever, but here is what happens if you wait to own for couple of years.
You will loose $150,820, in other words it will cost you this much more if you waited, That means it Costs you $260 for everyday you wait. Here is how.
House prices went up 12% nationwide from April 2012 - Apirl 2013. They are expected to go up another 15% this year, so if you were looking
at a $150,000 house, and you waited two years, the same house is already gone up to 168,000 since last year, and it will be $193,200 by end of this
year's buying season. So that's $43,200 extra it costs you for waiting, just in price. Now lets talk about cost of borrowing which is based on Interest rate.
Interest rates in last year went up from 3 percent to 4.5%, it means, because you waited, now it will cost you $51,455 more interest over life of
the loan, and if you are stupid enough to wait till next year to buy, and rates which are projected to go up from 4.5% percent to 6%, it will cost $107,620
more in interest over life of the loan. So here is only the financial cost of waiting two years (107,620 cost of interest + $43,200 price difference) totaling
$150,820, divided by number of days in two years 730 days, its $260.60/Day. Rich are rich because they can see trends and ride the wave. No one up
there is making you poor, It's our refusal to understand how the system works, which keeps us poor by choice. Talk to me, I've been there done that.
Another reason is by buying you will free yourself from your long held habit of procrastination, and your family will be happy becuase of it. Another
reason Seller financing is smart way to buy a house, because you end up skipping the high cost, banks charge just to approve your loan. They call it
closing cost, and they are listed at bottom of this page, be sure to check it out. Another reason is to set things in motion in a desired direction. Lets say
you have bad credit, fine, I don't require credit to approve you but becuase you are buying a house from me, I will help you get your credit fixed and
overcome other issues that kept you from qualifying, and that will lower your payment on the house, get lower payments on your cars, credit cards,
it just opens so many doors when you have excellent credit. Another beautiful thing about it is, you don't have to come up with anything, the bank pays
all the closing cost when you refinance, compared to when you go for new purchase through a bank, Buyer must pay all closing cost, which is you.
Buy buying direct you also save bunch of money on that closing cost.
You want more reasons, then lets talk about the human drama. Deep down, People don't approve of themselves, so they spend most of their energy
and money they make on things, trying to be liked by others, and they are eating as if there is no tomorrow. Its an emotional weakness. Buying a
house is a good decision emotionally, socially, as well as the best tool for financial planning. Commit to buying a house, plant some flowers,
some veggies, see things bloom and come to life in your yard, it will change you as a person and light up your emotional world. Its good socially
becuase you can get out of getto of apartments, and live in established neighborhood and climb up the social and economic ladder.
Its great financial planning tool, because by buying a house, and paying that monthly payment which you would pay anyway even if you were renting,
but the difference in OWNING is that in about ten years, you've paid off that house, and now that house is your nest egg for retirement savings
that will grow in time and you can dip into it in time of need. Besides, Life is HERE NOW, live in this moment FULLY
Reward yourself the best things in life NOW, otherwise what's the use of making money.
Want more reasons; If you save and put it into something you own and control, you are taking charge of your own future, Uncle Sam isn't
going to be there! If you hold cash, its becoming worthless by day, Debt is going up, $ is going down, house prices are going UP! Here is something to
ponder over. While our economy hasn't changed all that much, but house prices on average have gone up by about $20,000. Why? Its called you
currency becoming worth less. when worth of a $ goes down, it takes more dollar to buy the same house in this case. So Buy a House before it moves
up another 20,000.

Here is another new excuse from a hispanic Lady I spoke to other day. She said, we want to buy a house, but we don't want to pay
interest, so they had decided to save up each year, and when they have the money, they were going to pay cash for the house. So I had to take a
few minutes to explain why that was a bad idea. Borrowing money is not a bad idea, rather its one of the best ideas, if you manage it right.
Here is a true example. When I was a little kid, we didn't have enough money to go around, and money was one of the primary causes over which
people fought. so it got me thinking how I'm not going to be one of those fighting over it, and that made me always seek ideas to keep my afloat.
We lived in a village, where we had a local economy. Farmers grew vegetables etc, and brought them to a MANDI (auction house) where they were
auctioned off to the highest bidder each morning. Local shopkeepers will come bid on stuff, and buy them at wholesale prices, and then sell them
at retail from their shop throughout the day. One day I was hanging out at my neighbors house, and his father took both of along to the MANDI, where
he was looking for a wholesale deal on a case of mangos. You see, where I grew up, its common for a whole family to get together during the mango
season and sit around a big case of ripe mangos, and you eat and eat, and squeeze that mango pulp into your mouth, till you can't handle it anymore
or the case runs out. Thus, the reason, he was looking for a wholesale deal on mangos. Anyway, I watched the whole process of him bidding, and
eventually picking up mangos at a wholesale price of one quarter the cost, that it would cost at retail. Like he only paid $10 for $40 worth of mangos.
Not only those mangos, fulfilled my taste buds, but they set me free. From that Idea, I figured a way to borrow $10 and on my own, next day, I went
to the market, and I purchased a heap of carrots, and a heap of cauliflower for $5 each. I got them home, and then after taking out what my family
needed for that day, I went over to all my neighbors' houses, and offered them those vegetables, at half the price they would pay at retail. Surely,
it was a success, I bought the stuff for $10, sold it for $25, paid back the guy I borrowed $10 from with $2 in interest, and still had $13 left in my pocket.
And I did that many many times and changed out the variety of things I would pick up at wholesale to keep it interesting. At such a young age, I had so
so much money, I was the youngest person in my village to have a bank account. So you see, borrowing can be good, as long as you are responsible.
Back to houses, it may be possible that if you live in a ALL CASH society, that you are use to not paying interest, because you pay all cash, but its the
smartest way to do things. Borrowing has its place in commerce, and provided you do it responsibly, it can help you rise economically farily fast.
So I told this lady here is what would happen if you waited to buy a house by saving and paying all cash. Lets say an average house costs $150,000
today. But you decide to wait and pay rent, and set rest of the money aside to save. Lets say you save $192.30 a week, that's $10,000 a year,
and at current interest rate of 1% banks pay, in 15 years, you will have saved $161,896 (150,000 principal + $11896 interest) including interest.
But in the meanwhile, you can't ignore the fact that they are not building any more land, and its a limited resources, and because of that, as
population and opportunity grows, move people will move here and don't want to live an hour away from where they work, so they will pay more
for the house, and as a result of that, houses go up in price, most years. They have gone up in price 12% in 2012, 15% in 2013, and projected
to go up by 12-15% in 2014. For sake of our example, to give you better odds, lets say they only go up by 6% annualy instead of 12% which
is current reality. Did you know, that a house which costs $150,000 today, will be worth $360,000 even at 6% average increase, and you will be
short by 198,104 ($360,000 - $161,896.) Not only that didn't work, you put your family through shit all these 15 years living amoung who knows
what kind of piece of shit people all around you in apartments, with very little privacy, lots of bad influence, and then you wonder how the kids
turned out? And do you really think if you were saving $10,000 a year, that you won't have any relatives or friends or all sorts of shit that comes
up which demands that you put your plans on hold and give your money to them, feel important, to boost your ego, get a piece of ass, or whatever.
And what if they go up at 12% not 6%, then you are majorly screwed. And I didn't even go into hundreds of other benefits of owning today, such as
saving on invome taxes etc. So the point I'm trying to make is, you go with the trend, not against it. Right now the trend is up, and trend is your friend
and it just started, you will ride it, if you own a house today. If you don't understand what I mean, ask any intelligent person, what's happened to
houses in last two years. The piece of shit house that sold for $60,000 in 2012, became $80,000 POS in 2013, and then $100,000 POS in 2013
And the Guy that paid $5,000 down to move into it, is $40,000 richer today. So, no you don't want to wait to save up then buy cash. Just pay the
interest, and if you are too worried about interest, pay little bit extra each month from the savings, and instead of paying it in 30 years, pay it off in 10.

Here are couple of examples of time value of money TVM:

Carla and James both save $1000/year ($20 a week x 50 weeks a year), easy, are you doing it?)The money each saves earns 10% interest per year
Carla starts at age 22 and stops at age 30, 8 years. James starts at age 30 and stops at 65, 35 years, started out late. Guess What Carla would have
$388,865 in her retirement account, while James would have only $294,039, That's called TIME VALUE OF MONEY - Start Early, how about today?

Works the same way anywhere - Carla saves extra $100 a month and at end of year, she makes one extra mortgage payment, to pay down the
principal balance while James just pays his mortgage when due. Becuase of that one extra payment, Carla will finish paying her entire 30 year loan in
23 years, TIME VALUE Again. Borrowing is sometimes a necessity, but if you don't understand how numbers work, Banks will keep you buried in debt.

James has $5,000 balance, at 14%, and minimum payment as 2%, or $100/month, on a credit card balance. Making minimum payments only, it would
James, 22 years and $5,887 in interest payments to pay off this debt. While, Carla also has the same $5000 balance, at 14%, same terms, but decided
to pay $25 more each month, thus she pays $125/mo. She pays off her entire balance in less than 6 years and spent only $1,775 in interest. TVM

You see, its good that you have learned something about TVM, but unfortunately you can't turn back the clock. So the next best thing you can do is
to start your journey by investing in your own house and you too in very near future can be proud of decision you made after learning about TVM.
I say, If you want something in life, you can just go get it I've done it all my life. Here is a real life story. I was sitting in front of one of my two story
homes in fort worth just few years ago and a girl came by and she said, "I have been passing by here all this time, and I love what you have done to
this place. I want this place, What do I need to do to get this place. I asked if see she had a full time job, she said NO. But I noticed she was driving
a very nice raised pickup truck with every damn upgrade one can imagine from top to bottom. So I asked, how did you buy this vehicle, she said,
It's on payments. So, how much is your payment? she said, $1800/mo. I'm like WOW. So here you are, you must do something, to be able to afford
$1800 car payment, and wear $200 dress pants. She said she assisted people with taxes and did all these odd ball jobs, along with waiting tables.
Anyway, I wasn't worried. She wasn't going to walk away with the house, so I let her have it. Since she was so clear about what she wanted, I gave her
the following propositon: First thing, go return that vehicle, which by the way she had purchased for $55,000. Get yourself a $2000 car that will get you
from point A - B, then come talk to me. 3 days later she returned the pickup truck and showed up in a corolla which she purchased that morning for
$2400 cash. I was impressed. I gave her the house, after she agreed to the following terms. "Since the house had 2 stories, I proposed, She take the
master bedroom downstairs with attached bathroom, living rooms, kitchen, laundry, wooden porch, and rent out the four rooms upstairs that had a
common bathroom for $500/mo each, and include water, garbage, electric, Gas, Telephone, Internet, and the renters need not to buy Washer Dryer
Fridge, Stove, Microwave, anything, you provide it in that $500. With $2000 coming in as extra income + plus her own income, she had it made. She
gave me $1000 down which was all she had, and within two week she had four renters, and within a year, she had paid down the house substaintially
and after fixing her credit I got her refinanced, and her new payment was $560/mo inclduing everything. She was so happy. Then she slowly let go of
her tenants, and she moved her parents in with her who lived in a really tore up place out in country. They all still live there, happily ever after. You see
if you want to make it work, you will find a way to rise to the occasion, the opposite is also true my friends, going down doesn't even require effort
its the natural way things travel, WATCH OUT.

BIG SECRET - What seems like accidents may not be? This is how our system works called Capitalism, while we beat up rest of the countries for not
being democratic enough. You think its an accident that in USA 98% of people are asked to have money they want to save for retirement be deducted
from paycheck, which flows in stock market, controlled by Big 5 banks, too big to fail, ---> and we see a small 20% shave of your money every year
around october, ---> and a 30-40% shave every 4 years called recession. Did you know if you invested $1000 in 2002 and looked at it 10 years later
how much it changed, NOTHING, how come. Because big 5 can make moves in market to make you feel its moving, and then shave it, leaving you
with 0% return, or negative returns, so much for Long term investment in market. In short the game is rigged. --->How about Housing Crisis, Bank
Bailout Other Billions slowly leaking out of middle class's pocket which you may not know about, and the Affordable Health Care Law.
Lets see bunch of rich people, buy out politicians, (soul-less leaders readily available for sale, they will sell their mother out, and you think they are going
to protect you!!) get together want to make shit load of money. Heard that before. So they go to bu$h, get interst rates lowered, borrow cheap money
buy up and/or develop land they already own around major US cities, then sell acre of land that use to be $1500 for $1,500,000. YES SIR. --->Then
come the home builders with same blessing, they borrow billions, build millions of houses, ---> which means every one of these Cities now is getting
shit load EXTRA money in property taxes forever, no matter what happens to the house, someone is on the hook (YOU) to pay the county. --->To
sell these empty homes, bu$h gives banks green light to give anyone and everyone a loan, so all these homes are sold, of course knowing many can't
afford them or shouldn't have even been offered to own, since they had $0 equity, so people natually are defaulting after they hiked their payments
with variable loans, but don't worry they have a plan.--->First these banks hold up their hands, and remember that night, (like another night from
AXIS of EVIL chapter and WMDs) when the bottom was going to fall out from underneath us all, unless every politician signs up to pour out
$880,000,000,000 from your pockets into the bank's pockets. There is more. --->Goverment is also the insurance company for all these banks
so whenever a foreclosure happens, banks take your house back and turns it over to the Govt. Govt insured your house with money you paid called
mortgage insurance, when you purchased the house. Govt then sends Bank a check for unpaid amount of the loan. Now then, once Govt gets these
homes, they want to get rid of these houses, or on paper bad debt, so here comes the FED to buy all these houses from Government with Bonds.
---> So FED comes to rescue, which was mainly designed to control banking, but expanded its role to protect the wealthy and they have been been
buying TRILLIONS of dollars not billions, of this bad debt (houses.) in the name of cleaning up the housing mess and they said they will continue to buy
minimum of $40,000,000,000 (billion) of bad debts each month and more if they have to till economy catches up. --->You might ask, where does
FED get its trillions to buy this junk? Oh, didn't you know they have a printing machine, yes they are the printing press guys. So what happens when
you just print trillions of dollars, without actual growth to economy, it devalues your currency. Dollar becomes worth less on international market,
which drives prices up, since it takes more worth less dollars to buy the same gallon of fuel for example.---> Now Govt got money back from FED,
but what do they do with millions of actual homes each month? --->They have a fire sale. So here we go again, to help banks get richer, hand them
another freeby, Govt sells these homes in an auction each month. Oh, but sorry you and I can't bid, only if you have $5 billion or more, and who might
be walking around with that kind of change, the same big 5 banks, so they each month buy back the same houses at govt auction, FOR ONLY
SHEET PROFIT. Last month with $97,000 DEBT, same house was in bad debt account that belonged to the bank, now month later, purchased back
by same bank, it's an ASSET of the bank and they turn around and list it on the market for $100,000 through a real estate agent and bank again
makes $50,000 on it. And this is how the banks that were upside down just yesterday, are very rich again. Have you seen banks' earnings report lately?
And so the rich get richer scheme goes on. And all that shit about politicians saying if you cut rich people's taxes, they will create jobs and trickel
down reagan economics will work, NOT, they sure create jobs but in places where they can get cheap resources and labor, which for last 30 years,
took jobs out of USA to Mexico, Brazil, India, China, Isreal and so on, and just about everywhere but in good old USA. If you aren't shocked enough,
eat this. Big US firms, have people on payroll that run schools in india. With their help, they pick up cream of the crop right out of eight grade from all
over the country, teach them MI....SOFT through scholarship, if you know what I mean, then after they graduate from HS, they get to go to uniiversity
owned by MI...SOFT all on FREE scholorships, and guess what they are also guaranteed a job at MI....SOFT INDIA, the day they finish college,
all funded by MI....SOFT. And what about people in USA? oh they got plenty of shit to distract you from seeing the real picture. Its all a big money
scheme. I can go on, but you get it, YES. Sorry we can't change the forces, but you can be on right side of the wave, meaning ride the wave instead
of getting beaten by it, and that means buy a house, and take advantage of the rise in house prices. Let your house make money while you sleep.

And then you thought, this bu$h guy he fucked us bad, but this obama dude, he's cool, so here comes Affordable Health care. To a normal person
it would seem like, wow, what a great idea, affordable care for all those who can't afford it. Except here is the reality. It use to be that if you didn't
make enough money, you went down to your local government or county hospital, they will patch you up. And if you needed more follow up, you can
sign up for some sort of a plan the county offered you, here in DFW, we have JPS hospital, and the plan is called JPS Connection, where you can pay
$5 to see a doctor, $10 for medication, $25 for urgent care etc, and if you are really down on your luck, they waived those fees. And under that plan,
that's all your paid, it was your copay, and the rest of it was taken care of by premiums paid by people in that plan, county where ever.
But the main thing was you didn't have shit load of collection bills chasing you. NONE. That plan was there, because there was no government
mandate, no alternative choice so the county had to offer it to you. But here comes Obamacare. Now you can't qualify for any local government
plan, or JPS connection, unless you first apply for what is now the government mandate, Obama care. The minimum plan on Obama care is
$200/mo, which means you will fork out $2400/mo, and it doesn't pay anything until you have first paid $6000, which is your deductible, that means
you have to pay first $6000 of all your medical expenses out of pocket. So that means, First you pay (2400+6000) $8,400 out of pocket, and only
then you will now qualify for JPS connection. You see where its going. They have called it Affordable Care, and yet it has taken away all options from
a middle class family except to go to emergency, which is going to be crowded from now on, since you'll see all those that didn't qualify, also there.
So you see, unless you get your shit togehter, you will see, one by one, how social security, and every other kind of security, your privacy is all striped
away from you and if you want government help you will be next in whom they implant a chip in the name of saving money on record keeping, and once
they got this Chip in you, who knows what's possible. I don't mean to scare you, I'm not saying who you should vote for, I'm just saying get your finances
in order, BUY A HOUSE, it will help you save and hedge against inflation. America is Changing and you don't want to be dependent on the government.

Why is everything going up in price? America is overloaded with Debt, When you have too much debt, your credit rating falls, you saw it happen
2 years ago, then people want higher interest rate to lend you more, just like when you have bad credit. Meaning we are headed back to the historic
aveage interest rate of 8-10% in lending. Even at that it's not high, as a matter of fact, it's been the average over last 100 yrs till republicans
decided to drop them starting with Reagan, let the rich make all the money due to cheap access to cash and squeeze the Shit out of middle class.
What it means for you is that value of US dollar is collapsing, and it will take more dollars to buy same commodity than it use to. Its not that Gasoline
has doubled in prices, NO, Our dollar has declined in value and in international market that means it takes more dollars now to buy same barrel
of oil. The effect of that is showing domestically. Stuff is starting to cost more, It's called inflation. And with with inflation everything goes up in price.
The house price, the rent price, the interest rate, everything. Which means if you OWN A HOUSE or any Commodity, you will be able to get more for it
than what you purchased it for. NOW WHAT IF YOU CONTINUE TO RENT, because interst rates go higher, it drives up the cost for owner to buy the
apartment building, maintain it etc, so your rent goes up, but not your salary, and you will become poorer or may be a rebel or both.
Here is real life example of inflation, You purchased a house last year lets say for $145,000, you did nothing to the house, not much has happened to
economy, but becuase of the inflation, value of our currency has dropped, which has artifically bumped UP the price of everything, price of materials,
and ultimately the houses, and your house all the sudden is now worth 162,400 (145,000+12% increase). You just made $17,400, doing nothing but
following good advice to put some money down on a house, and own it instead of renting. This is why I say, BUY A HOUSE, its by far the best way to
save and grow your money, and you'll be glad you did. As inflation hits, value of your home will go up. Now compare that to if you held your savings in
cash, because of collapse in value of dollar, it will be worth much less, becuase it will now take more bills to buy the same stuff in future, like a house.
This is the reason, why for last few months big hedge funds are sending people to tax sales, foreclousure sales, and they are buying up everything
left and right. If they are investing in houses instead of stocks, there's got to be a good reason, right. YES. Are you coming on board?

BANK CLOSING COSTS! While I charge you $0 to offer you loan, here is what you can expect to pay a bank for the same loan on a $145,000 house
Banks make most of their money from fees. Preapproved is misleading word, it means, if you have a perfect credit, perfect job history, the house
you are buying has no problems, is worth more than what they are lending you, you got money for down payment, plus another huge chunk for closing
cost, etc etc etc, then you are preapproved for a loan. Here is the catch, before any bank can really approve your loan, they will start by having you
write checks for Credit report, Appraisal, Inspections, and survey. If they like what they see then they will send your loan officer, a list of conditions
to meet before it funds. In order for it to fund, here is list of fees buyer can expect to pay that are usually listed on a closing statement,
otherwise known as HUD1, Try Adding Them.

Credit Report Fee $25
Appraisal Fee $350-600
Home Inspection Fee $350-500
Roof Inspection $175
Termite Inspection $150
Foundation - Structural Inspection $200
Structural Engineer's Report $250
Survey $600 >After You pay cost of all above, banks can say SORRY, Doesn't Meet our Criteria, You loose that money or if it's a GO, then you also pay
Down Payment $5075 - $14,500
12 month Prepaid Home Owner's Insurance Policy $1,450
3 month Insurance Escrow (Money you pay in advance in case you lag) $362
3 month Property Taxes Escrowed (Money you pay in advance in case you lag) $900
Flood Insurance $125
Home Warranty $480
Lender's Title Policy (Buyer Pays) $977
Owner's Title Policy $175
Title Endoresments Bank Wants $150
Attorney's Doc Prep Fee $750
Escrow Fee $450
Tax Certificate Fee $50
Tax Service Fee $5
Guaranty Fee $5
Courier Fee $80
Notary Fee $80
Wiring Fee $75
Mortgage Insurance $1600 - $3000
Mortgage Fees $2900
Processing fee $500
Loan Origination Fee $1450 - $2900
Option Fee $100
HOA Fee $375
HOA Transfer Fee $100
POINTS (it's a another cost to you - 1 point means 1% of your loan amount)

That's well over $10,000 you will shell out and when you move in, your loan balance hasn't gone down by a single cent. It still starts out at price you
paid for the house, Compare that to getting an True owner finance where you skip most the cost, (except I would pay for docs drawn by an attorney)
and have every penny of your down payment be applied to reducing the remaining principal balance on your loan. This is 1st BIG reason why you
should look for True Seller finance. And remember it doesn't block you from getting a bank loan in any way. Once your owner financed loan is
seasoned (making payments on time) any bank will happily refinance you, and guess what, while REFINANCING most of the cost is paid by the bank
not the borrower, that is the 2nd BIG reason why you want to go route of True Seller Finance instead straight to bank. If you want to save money
on purchase, TRUE SELLER OR OWNER FINANCE is the way to go.

Just because you haven't saved till now, it doesn't mean you can't. I offer opportunity where you can have money deducted out of each paycheck
going towards your down payment on purchase of a house, and in about a year or less, you will be proudly sitting in your own house.
What are your choices? You can make little sacrifice now, save and invest in yourself by paying towards a down payment on a house, and in about
10 years, while paying about the same as you already pay for rent somewhere else, you'll be free of a house payment for rest of your life because
you would have paid off your house completely, and then you can go to disney world. OR
you can go to disney world today, eat out every day, get FAT, pay rent for rest of your life, and the way things are going in this country, you
probably won't collect social security, and seeing how the bankers already own the politicians, you can be sure, with one or series of those market
crashes, they will empty out your 401k or retirement savings where ever you have them invested through your employer, unless you had
invested them into something real like the down payment on your own house.

I don't know anyone who makes it easier, simple and safe as I do to own your home without perfect credit. Make a reasonable offer, I'll work with you.

You may Phone me, between 9am - 7pm any day for anything that you are still curious about, after you finish reading to the bottom of this page.
I'm fair and easy to work with, so as long as you have desire to own a house, I can help you, as long as you can afford it and willing to do what it takes.

I always look to improve my service, so I look forward to your comments. Please take a second to click here and send me your comments. Thank you